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Career after B.A in English

One of the most frequently asked questions by the students is – what career to choose after B.A in English? B.A in English is a common subject which students opt for as it offers a host of career options for the students. After completing graduation, students generally get confused whether to work or go for further studies. There are many professional courses like Journalism and Mass Communication, Linguistics, Film Editing, Visual communication etc. there are many academic courses like M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D, which students can pursue if they want to go for research work or wants to be a professor.

If they want to work directly after B.A. then they can succeed in business, management and finance, government service, library work, marketing and advertising. Mass communication is a good field for literature students, who have good fluency over the language. There are many other courses that help students to fetch a good salaried job. Those who complete Masters in Journalism can work as sub-editors and reporters in the print media or as assistant information officer and public relation officer in the Government’s information service and so on. A good personality and fluency can fetch them the job as news reporter on T.V.

EFLU courses stands for English and Foreign Languages University that provides M.A in Media and Mass communication and M.A in English courses. It includes scripting for radio and T.V; writing for newspapers; business writing and oral communication and presentation skills; educational technology; visual communication; media in communication and so on. Graduates from English language and literature can opt for any of the above discussed fields.

Students can also go for management courses such as MBA and Master of Financial Programs and Post Graduate Diploma programs conducted by the leading institutes and universities are very good options. Students who take commerce as an additional subject have even higher prospects. MBA airline and airport management programs are also suitable options for them.

So it is clearly visible that there are a vast number of career options to choose from. You just have to listen to your heart and put the pedal on the metal and go for your dreams.

Media and Communication: An Exciting Evolving Area of Study

Media and communication sector is becoming more diverse and dynamic, and gaining popularity in this era. It is one of the most exciting and evolving area of study among today’s generation. Media and communication studies provide a deep insight into the latest trend of mass communication and various media. It focuses on television, radio, print, Internet, public relations, music, advertising and movies. It also comprises media research and media policy which explains how the media works and impacts the society.

Now-a-days media technology has made communication much easier and student are taught about media tools to enhance their understanding on various technologies.

Electronic media in communication includes television, radio, computer, cell phones and other devices in association with photography, cinema, broadcasting, advertising, publishing, media and press. It also blends professional courses in digital production, broadcasting and writing.

Communication studies is somewhat a broader term which includes carriers not only in media such marketing, journalism and entertainment but also education, international relations, law, business, management, politics and many more. Students from different academic background can apply for media and communication studies.

A series of lectures, various practical activities, seminars and assessments are given and taught to the students to provide insights into the media world. There are many other carrier options for those who want to go for further studies in this field such as: one can opt for postgraduate degrees like Master of International Relations, International Journalism, MBA in media and communication and Master of Commerce.

Students with masters in media and communication gets opportunity in media industry and get training in the way so that they can critically analyze how media represents, influences and reflects the world.

MOOCs Online Learning: Smart Mini Colleges in India

Education is something that shapes one’s life and personality and defines success. There are many people in India who are depriving of higher and quality education due to various reasons from family to work responsibilities. Technology and globalization have increased the accessibility of higher education in recent years. MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses are recent trend in distance or e-learning, offering an opportunity to large number of students to study high quality courses online with prestigious universities at no cost.

MOOCs courses are mainly free open online courses and are the learning hub for those who are deprived of regular studies. These are open to anyone in the world and students need to get enrolled in the institution offering MOOCs that too without or low fees.

MOOCs online learning can be regarded as smart mini colleges providing access to many courses which are being taught at some of the world’s leading universities by leading scholars. These are ideal for independent studies and users can select courses from any institutions offering them. MOOCs online learning method made the courses available on internet and students can watch the lectures online which are often more useful than classroom lectures.

MOOCs learning hub help students by providing opportunities to expand their knowledge and interests without dedicating a fix period of time at college or university. Anyone can be benefited from MOOCs online courses for enhancing both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subjects by combining these courses with regular college or university courses. So they are like mini college as they are available anytime anywhere with only one click.

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