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Advantages of BBA Course

Advantages of BBA Course

Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor’s degree program that has become one of the most sought after programs by the youth of the country. This program is so popular that it is slated to overtake the popularity of engineering and other courses.

We are now currently having too many engineers in the country, and most of them are going jobless. Many engineers after completing their courses are working for lesser salaries. While this is the case with engineering, there is a huge demand for managerial posts. These managerial posts are taken up by graduates and postgraduates who have a management background.

So, students who have passed their intermediate are realizing that opting for a BBA degree is better than opting for engineering or other courses. It is even noted that a BBA degree is relatively cheaper than pursuing an engineering course.

What is a BBA program?

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year degree program that teaches participants the nuances of business administration. They essentially teach students to manage businesses. Providing fundamentals and basics of management and business, the course enables students to understand the dynamics of running a business successfully.

What is taught in the program?

Business Organization.
Communication Skills.
Business Economics.
Principles of Management.
Principles of Marketing.
Principles of Finance.
Human Resource Management.
Management Accounting.
International Business.
Entrepreneurship Development.
Business Planning & Project Management.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is clear that a BBA program enables a student to understand the total operations of a business. After completion of the course, a student can pursue a career in companies as Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Cost Estimator, and many other posts. The career scope of a BBA graduate is immense. It has been found in a study that many corporate companies hire BBA graduates for entry level positions.

A few Advantages of BBA Degree:

Students get in depth understanding of business administration.
A BBA program is the foundation for further studies like MBA.
It gives practical knowledge of corporate business activities.
It improves business related decision making.
It improves business skills.
It provides knowledge of Marketing Strategies.
With corporate and factory visits, it increases understanding for various cycles of business.
It provides leadership skills.
It provides internship with corporate houses leading to good job opportunities.
It improves entrepreneurial skills.
It teaches how to develop a business idea into reality.

We at RAMA DEGREE College  of Management have come up with a very competent BBA program that is attracting a lot of students. Based in Lucknow, we provide high quality professional education to students. We recognize the hidden talents in students and hone their skills. For us, students are budding managers!

Our emphasis is on providing both practical and theoretical knowledge to students so that they are well versed with all business concepts and can apply them in real life situations. It is for this reason; we are one of the best management colleges in Lucknow.

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