Sunday, 21 May 2017

Advantage of B.Com Degree

According to an updated report in Global Financial Monitor, employers are presently facing a talent scarcity of accounting and finance professionals. This signifies job opportunities for graduates with a commerce degree are moderately promising. A Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com degree is a three year undergraduate course and is specially designed to provide students, managerial skills in commerce associated disciplines such as accounting, finance, marketing and advertising amongst others. The degree is basically structured to offer aptitude in organizational behavior and business principles by focusing on core subjects such as law, finance, statistics, marketing, accounting, economics, cooperative as well as marketing education.

Benefits of a Commerce Degree

This is a degree that offers students with expert knowledge in a variety of fields of organization and business management.

Here are a few key advantages of this degree program:

With a B.Com degree you are well prepared to be successful in both corporate and self employment.
There are high job prospects for holders of this degree as all companies or businesses needs a commerce specialist, manager or at the very least an accountant.
Familiarity in accounting offers you with an aptitude to comprehend and scrutinize financial reports and how they usually affect a business. A good knowledge in management and cost accounting practices is significant in decision making processes and in planning as well as evaluating the performance of a company’s business activities.
Human resource management is an additional option provided in this degree course. This choice prepares students with the essential skills in analyzing, identifying and searching solutions to problems associated to human resource activities. It covers essential managerial processes such as selection and recruitment of employees, promotions, employee welfare, talent hunting and application of work-related safety process in a company amongst others.

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